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BOC'CARO LAB presents collaboration with interior gallery STUDIO SANGUINICO

200 g hand crafted scented candle


Top: cedar, blue pine
Heart: saffron
Base: Tolu balsam

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time approximately 60 hours.

Diameter:  80mm +/- 3mm

High: 70mm +/- 3mm

Made from stainless steel and finished in a copper effect. These items are hand made, there is some variation in size and also in the patterns. No two pots are identical, although the level of craftsmanship is truly excellent.

ABOUT | The smell is eclectic, multifaceted and quite chaotic. The enchanting aroma consists of plants, the foundation of which is the Tolu balsam tree from Brazil. This is precisely what determines the intensity and richness of the aroma.

Inspired by urbanism, urban gardens, and work by the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx in which unexpected oval shapes, contrasting colours and plants are combined.

"A garden is not simply product of frivolous idleness; much less is it a magic mantle unfurled to cover defective proportions, contradictory masses, or badly planet volumes. A garden, is, or ought to be, an integral part civilized life, a spiritual and emotional necessity deep rooted and profoundly felt." - Roberto Burle Marx