COFFEE&VINYL x 16i kava

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Scented soy candle COFFEE&VINYL | Collaboration with 16i kava

How do you take your coffee? Do you drink a quick shot of strong espresso and enjoy the boost of energy, like jazz energising you for the day? Or do you prefer to savour it slowly, like enjoying the spinning vinyl record?

In collaboration with 16i kava we created two candles for scents and experiences lovers. 

“Coffee & Vinyl” captures the sense of comfort and the joy of relishing the moment. A fusion of coffee, vanilla and chestnut blends together the sweetest memories. It’s like a cup of a warm drink on a cold day, or maybe - Your favourite dessert when feeling blue.

Notes and composition:

Notes: coffee, vanilla, chestnut.

Warm soy wax can be used to massage and nourish the skin.


100 g | Burn time at least 22 hours

Shiny metal can | Height: 45 mm | Diameter: 64 mm

For excellent burning experience, trim candle wick before lighting. 


Hand poured in Vilnius (2021)

Pure EcoSoya wax from the United Kingdom

Made with high quality fragrance oils.


Get your coffee and candles at @16ikava, Sevcenkos str. 16i, Vilnius.