BOC'CARO LAB x actress Aistė Diržiūtė / ACT/ION

Act of Action.


BOC'CARO LAB presents collaboration with actress Aistė Diržiūtė

220 g hand crafted scented candle


Top: labdanum, guaiac wood
Heart: resin
Base: oud, saffron 

For a better burning experience, trim candle wick before each use. Burn time approximately 60 hours.

The moment of a play, the moment to play. Fruity longevity of well-prepared spontaneity. Pushing the borders as a Victorian girl inhaling the forbidden scent of tuberose and getting a spontaneous orgasm of adrenaline. The spirit of conqueror from the root of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite flower for moving on and succeeding. Awakening the animal in you with the voice of Tibetan deer in the air. Blossoming vitality of musk catches you with the smell of testosterone and causes an addiction to act. There is no other path, the action is acting.


When the word “Action“ is called, where are you?

In the light.

What does the movie set smell like?

Like coffee, cigarette smoke that soaks into the clothes of those who smoke and those who don’t, the heat of lamps, machinery, hair styling products, chewing gum, and sweat.

What does your dream role smell like?

Like wigs, powder, baleen, and freshly picked flowers.

Which event from your life is worthy of a movie?

Each and every time I’ve fallen in love is worthy of a separate movie. It could be put next to “Before Sunset”, “Before Sunrise”, “Jules et Jim”, “Brief Encounter”, and other lightning strikes of madness.

Actress Aistė Diržiūtė | Captured by Audrius Solominas & Robertas Daskevičius