Fragrances have power to change how you feel - to inspire, energise, relax. They tell stories and invoke memories and with the help of a candle or a home scent room’s energy can be instantly enhanced and changed. 

Conscious consumption and personalised experiences live at the core of our brand. At BOC’CARO LAB we believe that fragrances are deeply personal therefore we offer to create personalised and customised products for You. We can develop a scent and hand-pour it into candles or bottle it in home fragrances for your home, business or gifts. 

We don't believe in templates. All collections are carefully developed in our lab - from scents to packaging and labelling. Therefore, you can trust us to create your customised order with the same love and attention to every detail. 

You also can entrust us with an already existing scent to develop the best suited packaging or to create a perfect fragrance for the container of your choice. 

Contact us at,  +37061822606 and let’s create a perfect scent for You. 

Hotel PACAI | personalized room spray packaging

If you ever happen to enter the Hotel PACAI situated in the Old Town of Vilnius, you will be greeted by an exceptional scent. It is a beautiful combination that consists of saffron, raspberry, rose, agarwood & guaiac wood, and it is loved by many hotel visitors. The good news is that now you can also have it in your home. 

BOC'CARO LAB has also created its personalised packaging. The scent comes in a black matte glass bottle which is presented in a luxurious and soft velvet bag imprinted with the Pacai coat of arms. It is a project where every detail matters - the black bottle design and a special black satin ribbon with a gold inscription is the best combination for this set.

 If you are looking for something special this season, do not hesitate to choose the luxurious Hotel PACAI room spray which is available  for sale at the hotel reception.

Hotel photo by A&A Photography studio | Room spray photo by Robertas Pledas Photography

Gėda Pelėda | home fragrance and scented wooden balls

Home fragrance

Home fragrances created for GĖDA PELĖDA handbags studio.

Scented wooden balls for GĖDA PELĖDA handbags.