BOC'CARO LAB x photographer Audrius Solominas / ARCH/IVE

BOC'CARO LAB presents collaboration with photographer Audrius Solominas

Top: oud, cedar
Heart: iris, oak moss
Base: olive, salt

220 g hand crafted scented candle


Archives. What do they smell like?

They remind of the stories that have already been forgotten.

Today, plenty of young creators try to take photographs. Probably most of them would agree that it is difficult to think of an original concept. What does photography mean to you?

For me photography is a way to learn about the world that surrounds me, meet interesting people who sometimes happen to be really inspirational, understand various cultures, and become a part of stories and even news.

Doesn’t the thought that contemporary photography sometimes becomes a fast-consuming product and its expiration date shortens from months to weeks and days scare you? Doesn’t photography become ephemeral?

A little bit, but, on the other hand, it’s the only chance to record the perfectness of the moment.

What would you change in the history of photography?

Nothing. Because otherwise we wouldn’t have come to the point where we find ourselves right now, and I kinda like it.

What would you never photograph?

Even though I understand the importance of the message and really respect the photographers, and journalists who do that, but I would probably never record war. 

Can a camera lie?

No, there’s no better mirror of truth than it.

2014 | Peru 

2018 | Fuerteventura  

“Documentary” is a broad and slightly misleading definition… It should be called “documentary style”. Is documentary art for you?

It is art. Art of finding the right angle, mode, and being open to noticing and predicting the moment. Also, keeping the distance and not affecting it, because otherwise it couldn’t be called documentary anymore. It would become the expression of myself invoking others in the process.

If you had to portray your personality through a picture, what would it look like?

It would be a landscape of a beach, not necessarily a wild one. The beach could be slightly civilized, but the ocean must be wavy. 

Your photography captures the moments of everyday life in an almost dramatic and melancholic way. What inspires such emotions and how do you decide on a specific setting and body language that can be seen in your photography?

I think that my photographs are a mix of peace, melancholy, and drama. I don’t determine the environment or people’s emotions, their body language, I rather like to distance myself and watch the world simply slowly moving through my camera lens.

What would your own portrait smell like?

Like my daughter’s skin and my wife’s kiss.