BOC'CARO LAB x Mo museum

Special edition candles for MO museum. 

The concept is inspired by architect Daniel Libeskind and the historic gates of the city and references the local architecture both in form and materials. The Modern Art Museum in Vilnius will be dedicated to the exploration of works created from 1960 to present by Lithuanian artists. 

Top: wild rose, oud
Heart: geranium, saffron
Base: varnish accords

The collection, belonging to Viktoras Butkus and Danguole Butkiene, co-founders of the non-profit Modern Art Center (MAC) Vilnius, contains more than 4,000 works Surrounded by a new public piazza located steps away from the historic medieval city, the 3,100 square-meter museum stands as an expression of Vilnius’s past and present.

“Having designed many large scale museums around the world, it was thrilling to design an intimate and iconic museum for a great collection of contemporary art,” said architect Daniel Libeskind. “As someone who has a true appreciation for the history and beauty of Vilnius, I believe the building and its architecture will become a wonderful place to enjoy art and the spirit of the city,” added Libeskind. 



Captured by Audrius Solominas & Robertas Daskevičius