BOC'CARO LAB x photographer Audrius Solominas / ISO/1600

BOC'CARO LAB presents collaboration with photographer Audrius Solominas

Top Notes: plum, black pomegranate, red currant

Heart Notes: patchouli, cedar
Base Notes: musk, amber, vanilla, leather

220 g hand crafted scented candle

Light in this digital world.

"Photograph is not a device that understands and translates the world but is a device that corresponds to the world without having to understand at all. Capturing images is not an act of accurately reproducing" - Osumu Kanemura 

2017 | Canada

ISO is a camera setting that brightens or darkens a photo. As you increase your ISO number, your photos grow progressively brighter. For that reason, ISO is a tool that helps you capture images in dark environments, or allows you to be more flexible when selecting the aperture and shutter speed that you want. 

In this digital world sometimes we need more ISO. 

2015 | Singapore