BOC'CARO LAB x ballet dancer Eligijus Butkus / PIROUETTE

What scents remind you of ballet? BOC'CARO LAB introducing special edition niche candles series with ballet dancer Eligijus Butkus

A rich and intoxicating aromatic accord where we experience dry dusty notes of tobacco, oud wood, spicy notes include Baies rose, incense and rock rose, dry black pepper supported by a rich woody base of cedar wood  sandalwood, sensual amber, leather, musk, vetiver, patchouli, moss and whiskey. 



by Deimantė Bulbenkaitė

What is ballet, apart from a dance?

A lifestyle, theater, and profession that allows you to bring various roles to life in the language of dance, to experience the stories of the characters, to solve problems, or to just fall madly in love. It is a very interesting but very difficult profession. I love it because it is ballet and I am an artist of ballet. 

What scents remind you of ballet? What does the stage smell like today?

The scent of ballet is made up of a very colorful palette. To many people, it may seem that it is the smell of various flowers, especially red roses, or the smell of hot chocolate. But to me, the scent of ballet is made up of morning coffee before a daily classical dance lesson, linoleum, which we grind every day to reach perfection in the dance, ballet shoes, the sweat we shed while bringing to life various roles and characters, the smell of my dance partner, which makes the show even more special, the smell of pain after getting injured during rehearsal or on stage, the smell of rosin, the smell of smoke, makeup, hair spray, the smell of linen/napkins to wipe off sweat, the smell of decorations, props, and, of course, the smell of flowers from members of the audience or colleagues, most commonly the smell of red roses… Each moment in time brings new scents, so the stage is constantly being replenished with new scents.

What’s more important - passion for the dance or passion during the dance?

Passion for the dance. Without it, it’s unlikely that passion will ever be born during a dance on stage, which may disappoint someone if it’s their first time watching ballet.

What are your rituals before stepping on stage?

A nap before the show and makeup which I usually put on myself. Also, I always touch the ground before stepping on stage.



What is your most memorable dance role and what would it smell like?

There are so many of them, I couldn’t choose just one. But, for example, Anželika Cholina’s dance shows may smell differently than LNOBT shows or tour shows. That’s why each show is unique: they all have their own scent.

Captured by Tomas Ivanauskas and Martynas Aleksa