Room spray TOMA/TERRA

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TOMA/TERRA room spray

An ode to summertime. A soft scent of freshly and lovingly rubbed tomato leaves evokes memories of wandering barefoot in grandmother’s or mum’s greenhouse, feeling soil underneath the feet. Transporting you to a tranquil early summer day the scent incorporates notes of familiar, homegrown summer aromas. In Toma/Terra soft fragrance of tomato leaves marries with mint family herbs - sweet basil, sharp thyme and earthy oregano to create a light yet powerful summer scent. 

We believe in celebrating little things. Therefore all room spray comes packed in black velours bag with red ribbon, we recommend to reuse it for keeping little precious things. All gift paper bag packaging is made from recycled paper.

TOMA/TERRA room spray brings the summer into your home. Transports you to a nostalgic summer day.


Notes and composition:

Freshly rubbed tomato leaves, basil, oregano, thyme.


/ Hand poured in Vilnius (2022)

/ Cyclopentasiloxane and high quality fragrance oils

/ 100 ml