TOMA/TERRA | Room diffuser

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TOMA/TERRA room diffuser

An ode to summertime. A soft scent of freshly and lovingly rubbed tomato leaves evokes memories of wandering barefoot in grandmother’s or mum’s greenhouse, feeling soil underneath the feet. Transporting you to a tranquil early summer day the scent incorporates notes of familiar, homegrown summer aromas. In Toma/Terra soft fragrance of tomato leaves marries with mint family herbs - sweet basil, sharp thyme and earthy oregano to create a light yet powerful summer scent. 

All packaging is made from recycled paper.

TOMA/TERRA room diffuser brings the summer into your home. Transports you to a nostalgic summer day.

 Notes and composition:

Freshly rubbed tomato leaves, basil, oregano, thyme.


/ Heavy clear glass diffuser with ten rattan reeds hand poured in Vilnius (2022)

/ Diffuser base oil made from a renewable source

100 ml | Scent leasts 3 months

Adding or removing the reeds allows you to control the intensity of the scent.