Scented soy candle | WABI/SABI

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wabi-sabi (侘寂) is all about acceptance of transience and imperfection

In the world where there is a demand for perfection, it is very important to give yourself a break and create space for imperfection. Here we meet wabi-sabi aesthetics and cherish the beauty of nature which is great by being imperfect and incomplete. Wabi-sabi is an ancient aesthetic philosophy coming from Zen Buddhism. It is also about a sensual tea ceremony where the asymmetry of a handmade ceramic cup with uneven glaze is one of the best attributes of wabi-sabi. Therefore, unique handmade ceramic containers were specially created for the new scent of Boc’caro Lab - WABI/SABI. 

The candle’s top notes (pink peppercorn, cedarwood, musk), heart notes (ambra, patchouli) and base notes (cashmere wood, tonka bean, pepper) perfectly blend together and create a dreamlike and mysterious scent, inviting to embrace impermanence, evoking inner peace and tranquility. 

WABI/SABI is a complete experience – holding ceramics of imperfect form, lighting a wick, letting the odor of the scent spread and immerse around. The candle creates an ambience where it is easy to celebrate imperfection, accept things as they are and cherish harmony.  


The handmade ceramic cup is made from whiteclay by Senseofcalmceramics. It’s unique form plays with engraved details. Moreover, the ceramic cup can be used after the candle burns out – it can become your pen holder or a tea cup.

Each hand-poured candle comes in a nice gift packaging which has a paper box with gold print and a bag with ribbon handles. All paper packaging has a minimum amount of print to ensure its environment friendly aspect, and is also made from a recycled paper. 

Notes and composition:

Top: Baies rose, cedarwood, musk
Heart: Ambra, patchouli
Base: Cashmere wood, tonka bean, pepper

/ Unique hand made ceramics l Senseofcalmceramics

/ Pure EcoSoya wax from the United Kingdom
/ Hand poured in Vilnius (2021)

220 g | Burn time at least 50 hours
For excellent burning experience, trim candle wicks before lighting.