YUKI | scented wooden balls

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雪 YUKI | scented wooden balls

To keep those beloved garments fresh and protected we created Boc’caro LAB scented wooden balls. Made from Lithuanian birch tree, lovingly soaked with YUKI  fragrance oil. When kept in a closet or in the drawer they will maintain your clothes and linens fresh and protected from mould, moths and humidity. 

10 pcs wooden balls come in an elegant black velour bag.  We recommend to use it in your closet or reuse it for keeping little precious things. 

Before use please take scented balls out from plastic bag and put it in the velour bag.

/ Hand soaked in Vilnius

/  Lithuanian birch tree wooden balls and fragrance oils

/ Scent lasts 3 months


The scent YUKI - inspired by the first snowfall in Japan.

YUKI in Japanese 幸 means “happiness” or 雪 “snow”. YUKI portrays a feeling, an emotion and a sense of ephemeral beauty watching the first snowfall in Japanese gardens. Snow, as a symbol of purity, is plays a special role in a subtle Japanese culture. In the art of prints and paintings, snow is considered to be a symbol of both naive innocence and heroic commitments.

The smell of YUKI is as unpredictable as snow - sometimes chaotic, sometimes light and fading. The scent is also incredibly mysterious – you can suddenly mind-travel to the snowy Japanese gardens and pine islands. Special attention is paid to the Japanese cedar of the Forest of Hida. The scent is deep and nourishing, it also gives a sense of calmness and light nostalgia. The Forest of Hida is an interesting placesurrounded by mountains on the East and West, and rivers and canyons on the North and South. Hida Province is famous not only for the abundance of forests but also for extremely cold winters, which is why the essential oil of cedar grown in the Forest of Hida accumulates a great deal of vital energy.


Top: Hida Sugi (Japanese cedar), bergamot

Heart: saffron, cashmere woods, tonka beans

Base: tolu balsam, oakmoss, fire needles

A fragile and cold footprint that evokes curiosity to follow, explore and enjoy.