It is a collaboration with interior gallery Studio Sanguinico. Aesthetic entity dedicated to architecture, interior design and urban garden phenomenon. Born from a vision about a space for urban gardens and unique, personal language of interiors INTER/IOR line starts with two different smells: URBAN/GARDEN & AMBI/TION

The idea lying behind the first collection is to talk about extraordinary in(ex)terior objects through smells. This candles series about imperfections of the raw materials, plants, and urban gardens.


A mysterious, enchanting scent of viscous oud with an animalistic hint. The wild rose reveals its sinful nature, which is combined with animalistic chords.


Top: wild rose, oud, patchouli, nutmeg
Heart: leather, black musk
Base: wood smoke, sensual amber

URBAN/GARDEN | BOC'CARO LAB x Studio Sanguinico 

Inspired by landscape designer Piet Oudolf’s work. The name Piet Oudolf is one of those rare names in the plant world that stands a good chance of being recognized even by people not in the plant world. His work contains many wildflower buttercups, bent grass and roses, which subtly complement and immerse into unexpected urban spaces. As the architect himself says: "The garden always look very wild at at this time of the year, and I don’t mind that. But look at in now… still, you can still see the hellebores in flowers, and soon the snowdrops will come, then the crocuses and the first leaves on the tress.”

The Gardens of Piet Oudolf

An idea of candle focused on wild plants combined with concrete. Wild roses and wood smoke like dialogue between nature and city life. 

"You can be botanist and know a lot about how plants are built up, you can be an ecologist and know exactly what community a plant grows in and where it grows in the world. I am neither - I know a lot of plants because I love plants, I know where they grow because I love to see where they grow.

Plants for me are a medium - a medium to bring out emotion - a very strong emotion into the field. That’s why I always took every opportunity to go outside the private garden, If I like it - everyone will like it. That is really what I always thought: if I do what I do for just two people, that is too little." - Piet Oudolf | FIVE SEASONS: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf


The smell is eclectic, multifaceted and quite chaotic. The enchanting aroma consists of plants, the foundation of which is the Tolu balsam tree from Brazil. This is precisely what determines the intensity and richness of the aroma.


Top: cedar, blue pine
Heart: saffron
Base: Tolu balsam

AMBI/TION | BOC'CARO LAB x Studio Sanguinico

Inspired by urbanism, urban gardens, and work by the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx in which unexpected oval shapes, contrasting colours and plants are combined.

"A garden is not simply product of frivolous idleness; much less is it a magic mantle unfurled to cover defective proportions, contradictory masses, or badly planet volumes. A garden, is, or ought to be, an integral part civilized life, a spiritual and emotional necessity deep rooted and profoundly felt." - Roberto Burle Marx

  Roberto Burle Marx

The garden of Roberto Burle Marx

  PHOTOS | Burle Marx's (São Paulo, 1909-Rio de Janeiro, 1994)